Gervonta Davis Will Face Floyd Mayweather

4 Lessons Boxing Champion Gervonta Davis Taught Me About SuccessFloyd Mayweather and Gervonta davis, unbeaten world champions, are both often considered an icon pair in modern-era boxing. They seem to be inseparable as mentor and protege. The boxing world has no problem fantasizing about a matchup.

Although they hail from different times, ‘Tank and ‘TBE are both of the same era. Both men experienced success at the beginning of their careers and became unbeaten world champions. The Big Podcast reached out to Gervonta for information about a possible fight against Mayweather, 44 years old.

Tank replied, “I don’t think I will do that.” Because I can learn so many things from him, my main focus is Floyd. I know that if I get into a fight with someone, it’s going to be a timed-out, and I want to hurt him. I won’t do that, but I will learn from him.”

Gervonta “Tank” Davis has always been kind to the five-division champion. Mayweather, however, has had similar views on the youngster. The fighter-promoter relationship does not seem to have been affected by any injuries, despite many attempts to make one. Mayweather, however, is seeking bigger matches for his prodigy.


Who is Gervonta’s Signed to? This is all about his Promoter and Manager

Gervonta and Floyd Mayweather continue to host the money show

Floyd Mayweather, who retired from boxing, has gotten into the business of boxing and attracted several A-listers. Mayweather Promotions has several top-notch youngsters, and Gervonta is the most prominent in this slot. The 26-year old is already a multiweight champion and still has many years to go before she can become a professional boxer.

Floyd Mayweather is right to be a PPV superstar who will bring a lot of attention to his promotion. While Davis has been doing this for some time, it seems that the future holds even greater promise for the undefeated world champion. Floyd Mayweather has supported Tank in his professional boxing career.

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